Ten Uses for Dryer Sheets

on Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty neat stuff...here goes:

1- Hang a dryer sheet outside during mosquito season to keep them away.

2-Put one in a drawer, hang in a closet under the seat of a car or truck, or in your health club locker.

3- MY FAVORITE!...run a sewing needle through a dryer sheet to keep the thread from getting in a tangle or twisty.

4-Keep one in your luggage to keep your clothes from smelling musty when you travel.

5-Rub one one the T.V. or computer screen to stop static electricity.

6-Clean shower soap scum with a dryer sheet; it dissolves the scum.

7-Keep bugs and bees away but putting a dryer sheet in your picnic basket or under lawn furniture....you can even rub it right on your skin as a bug repellent.

8-Pat hair, clothes and stockings with a dryer sheet to prevent static electricity.

9-Another favorite: Rub one on a stinky dog before they come in the house! Even works on wet dogs.

10-Soak dirty pots and pans, baked on with gunck with a dryer sheet or two. You can even use it on the stove, or oven and clean up is a breeze.

I read this in the Wall Street Journal today....it's always nice to have something positive in the news, isn't it!

Just call me Heloise today.

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QuiltedSimple said...

Those are some great ideas - thanks for sharing!

Miri said...

I love this...thanks so much. I'm allergic to bees so I've been going around with a dryer sheet hanging out the back pocket of my jeans...now I can just rub it on my skin! way less dorky :)

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