Move over Martha

on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't you totally see this on Martha Stewart? I'm making an apron out of the tea towel shown in green. It's a nice sturdy one with the Moda accents and the cutest pleated pocket in the front and striped sashings to boot.

Can't wait to get it done...I'm hoping I'll be able to part with it and give it as a gift, but....I have a feeling I'll get selfish about this one and just....KEEP it for myself.....ahhh, I said it, and the guilt is lifted.

The consolation to it all....the whole cloth quilt underneath (in yellowish gold), quilted within an inch of it's life...(drum roll) is...a... lap quilt from TJ Maxx and Marshall's...for a whooping $19.99. I use them for table cloths and they wash like Tom Sawyer in the Mississippi. I buy them every chance I get and have them in four colors so far. Keep your eyes peeled for them.

Two more things before I go, one good, one bad...

Number one: my Bernina bit the dust 3 days ago and I'm using my trusty Singer 221 from 1937...runs like a newly greased pig. I forgot how much I loved it.

Number two: My hero found my Iphone which is why...he... is ... my hero!

Now...Which one of these things is good and which one is bad?

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Carrie P. said...

So glad your hero found your Iphone. I bet it was driving you crazy. I know those things are cheap.

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