on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good morning everyone! This is Bernadette and her cousin, Clarisse (whom you've already met). Bernadette is my latest creation resulting from my waiting hours in the lobby of Atlanta Ballet. (I like it to count for something, you know)

She'd like a new dress for spring, pink to be exact, so I may surprise her at Easter. Clarisse is pleased to have her cousin visit after a long winter with several bouts of snow.

Spring is coming!


Hearts for Haiti - Steve Penley

on Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Steve Penley, one of my favorite artists, (correction, my favorite) has painted this beauty for a dinner to raise money for Haiti. His website...well, just check it out. I would give my right arm to have one of his paintings...a large one of anything he does. I have a 2 story wall in my living room that has been "shouting" for one of his landscapes for 5 years now. Can't quite figure out how to pay for it though.

Here is an bit from his biography on his website:

"The values and attitudes of every generation are reflected in it's art. This generation is definitely no exception. There is a battle being waged between world views which are diametrically opposed to one another. This polarization is visible in politics, entertainment and culture. In today's post-modern world, God has been removed and secularism seeks to fill the void. Once God is out the equation, all objective truths are out with Him - Any standard of beauty or aesthetic value is gone."
-Steve Penley

I completely agree. He makes reference to elephant "droppings" being displayed in a museum as fine art. I had the same feeling when I saw a roll of chicken wire in the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. I'm sure there's a lofty thought behind all of that and deep meaning conveyed but I missed that part in my Art History classes.

Just thought I'd share the "Hearts" with you....I love that kind of stuff you know....


Starry, Starry Night

on Monday, January 11, 2010

This batik quilt was a surprise for my nephew. I can tell you that I have broken every quilting rule, regarding thread, known. Used polyester and cotton and all different weights

I've used machine quilting and hand quilting threads even though it's all machine quilted.

I've used non matching thread on the bobbin. I've used metallic thread on the top and cotton on the bottom. I've used polyester thread on the top and cotton on the bottom. Can you think of any more "sins"...that would be me.

I've gone fast when I should have gone slow. I've created non uniform shapes. Nothing is consistent......I like it though.

Here's why I'm such a "sinner": In making this quilt, I wanted it to have a bit of my dear Mom in it. She's no longer with us but her memory and what she stood for are firmly etched in my everyday life. Soooooo....what I did was use all of her left over thread found in her sewing this quilt. All of the half used thread spools are now in good use in this quilt, I call Starry, Starry Night because the haphazard quilting looks like the Van Gogh painting.

It is for my nephew, and will be appreciated, I know. My mother was known for her economy. He is somewhat the same way. Never cheap in anyway...she was as classy as they come, beautiful home, beautiful clothes, etc. She could make everything look like the White House on a Dollar Store budget. Tell me how you give 5 out of 5 children a college education, 3 of which went to private schools, on $10,000.00 dollars a year. It's baffling when I think about it. Truly, she was amazing. Honestly, I never saw her worry over money...but I'm sure she was on her knees plenty.

Here's my nephew and my mom, notice the well worn broom...He turned 25 on New Years Day.

Mom's first grandchild, my sister's son.

Just passing the time.....Sweeping....

Think of Spring!

on Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life.

on Saturday, January 2, 2010

Come on in and sit with me for a minute....

I was just thinking about how much fun I've had in the last 2 months. SO much had happened that I've kept under raps but's all good.

My son stopped playing tournament tennis...and it's been great.

My daughter set new goals for ballet.

We had a ton of fun with 20 of us playing tennis on Thanksgiving day.

I still like to see him play...

Great life sport....if you can still walk. I have one brother in his early 50s that can hardly walk because of all the tennis and squash he played. Collegiate and national levels.

Of course, there's always this side of it.

This is my other brother, 15 years older than I. He's the oldest of our 5 siblings and I'm the youngest. We all think my brothers hung the moon. You would think we're a small country worshipping idols. Honestly, I'm quite sure they hung the moon.

My hero, of course, who hangs the planets as well.



Yep, I'm pretty's a wonderful life.