Starry, Starry Night

on Monday, January 11, 2010

This batik quilt was a surprise for my nephew. I can tell you that I have broken every quilting rule, regarding thread, known. Used polyester and cotton and all different weights

I've used machine quilting and hand quilting threads even though it's all machine quilted.

I've used non matching thread on the bobbin. I've used metallic thread on the top and cotton on the bottom. I've used polyester thread on the top and cotton on the bottom. Can you think of any more "sins"...that would be me.

I've gone fast when I should have gone slow. I've created non uniform shapes. Nothing is consistent......I like it though.

Here's why I'm such a "sinner": In making this quilt, I wanted it to have a bit of my dear Mom in it. She's no longer with us but her memory and what she stood for are firmly etched in my everyday life. Soooooo....what I did was use all of her left over thread found in her sewing this quilt. All of the half used thread spools are now in good use in this quilt, I call Starry, Starry Night because the haphazard quilting looks like the Van Gogh painting.

It is for my nephew, and will be appreciated, I know. My mother was known for her economy. He is somewhat the same way. Never cheap in anyway...she was as classy as they come, beautiful home, beautiful clothes, etc. She could make everything look like the White House on a Dollar Store budget. Tell me how you give 5 out of 5 children a college education, 3 of which went to private schools, on $10,000.00 dollars a year. It's baffling when I think about it. Truly, she was amazing. Honestly, I never saw her worry over money...but I'm sure she was on her knees plenty.

Here's my nephew and my mom, notice the well worn broom...He turned 25 on New Years Day.

Mom's first grandchild, my sister's son.

Just passing the time.....Sweeping....

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Awww what a sweet post. Thanks for sharing about your thread adventure. I think you are right. The quilt will be appreciated.

Robin said...

That is just lovely! You may have broken the "rules" but you did it for the best cause ever. What a beautiful keepsake that quilt is. :)

Nanci said...

You are a girl after my own heart and many others I am sure!
I love that you used what an economical homemaker such as your mother kept with love so you could do this for your nephew.
I am sure it will be cherished forever.
Made with doesn't get any better than that!

Carrie P. said...

What a sweet photo. Your mom sounds like a very wise mom.
Great quilt!

Linda said...

Hi, I visited today. Wondered how you are and all the five healthy hearts. Best wishes. Linda

Heart Disease Treatment said...

yes, really nice picture...:)))

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