Patience for a Penley

on Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are you an "instant gratification" kind of folk or wait 'til the cows come home' kind of folk? Hmmm...I'd have to say, in this particular case, the cows have come home, produced heirs for several generations, and provided some great fourth of July hamburgers.

You see...I waited. I could have saved my pennies for years and bought my own Steve Penley painting (somehow). May have had to forego food and shelter at times, would have been worth it. But, decided to not spurge. My Hero and I even thought about letting that be our 20th wedding anniversary gift to each other, but it really would have been for me so ...naaawwww. At the school auction, I pulled out of the bidding for one he did on went for $20.00 more. It's as it should be.

I've coveted, studied, enjoyed and longed for...the artwork of Steve Penley. It's been more than a decade that it's been a secret desire of mine, kept to myself mostly and admittedly ashamed of how much I enjoy his work. He's an upstanding guy as well. I've heard him speak at a local school and he may have missed a career as a stand up comedian. It takes true talent to do that without the dirty jokes and he's accomplished for sure. I didn't know if I enjoyed his talk more or that he can whip out a portrait of Jesus, in no time flat, that will put you on your knees. There's something down deep in that guy.

Here's my story:
Atlanta Ballet is near and dear to my heart, no secret there. It's time for the end of the year concert for the students. Hectic. Exciting. Inspiring. Bring you to tears kind of moments. In order for all of that to happen, the teachers (and a host of volunteers) need to give up their personal lives for these students for 2-3 weeks in order to make 2-3 minutes on stage a life changing experience for the dancers.

One teacher, in particular, is near and dear to my heart. She, knowing that I love Steve Penley, somehow, by hook or crook, gave to me... a gift of a lifetime.

After the show, after the parents and children have gone home, after all the candy wrappers have been picked up, the sweet teacher says has something for me. With her best poker face, she claims it's backstage and will be right back....returning, she has a large board, turns it over and reveals a signed and numbered "Hearts for Haiti" to which Steve Penley added hand painting.

I cried and cried.... She cried, my little one, standing there watching it all unfold,.... teared. Then I went home and cried. I wrote this post and....well... , cried.