Moda Park?

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I feel a little ripped off. At the quilt show, I was specifically looking for Amy Butler fabrics. I asked the booth owner, "Are these your Amy Butler fabrics?" She replied, "Yes, these three shelves". Satisfied, I happily began pulling fabrics for this quilt-a-long. As I began cutting this morning, I see that all the fabrics are Moda, Park series. I'm so bummed!

I do like my fabrics but I know my niece loves those Amy Butler fabrics. This quilt may have a new owner.

The process has been fun with the Oh Fransson quilt-a-long. Elizabeth is extremely organized which is appealing to someone like me who would like to have a higher level of organization in my life......

Speaking of organization....did I tell you I lost my phone? IPhone...grumble.
As my Nutcracker says, "It's not lost until you stop looking for it". I love that phone and I wish it wasn't such a celebrity. It gets too many ooohs and ahhhhs when you whip it out. It's here at the house some where, I think.

Here are a few reasons why I love my IPhone and grieve it's loss:
1-I can see it. The buttons are large enough for me to see without squinting. That's the most important one.

2-It has built-in GPS...'getting lost' is my middle name. This feature alone has changed my life and worth whatever My Hero had to pay for it.

3-It has Tangrams on it. Great exercise for your brain and Baby Girl loves to play it. I figure it saves me 3 years of assisted living or nursing home costs.
Tangrams are those ancient Chinese puzzles that have the same 7 pieces. You figure out how the pieces go together to make the picture they give to you. We're hooked on them. Kind of quilty in way.
And last but not least:

4-My IPhone...well,.... makes my son think I'm half way cool.
Hey, just trying to relate to my teen...that's all. Can you blame me? I love that kid!

Hang in there and keep that quiltin''s saving my sanity right now! Can you relate?

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QuiltedSimple said...

Lovely fabrics! Even if they aren't Amy Butler. Hope you find your iphone.

Yvette said...

Love that fabric!

I don't have an iphone because I am married to Verizon. LOL I do have an itouch though and I would be lost without it.

Carrie P. said...

What a bummer! I still like the fabrics and the quilt is going to still be fantastic.

Julie said...

I loooove the fabrics. Tangrams drive me mad but are just sooo addictive! My teen has it on one of those DS games.
We spent his b'day yesterday trying to get the hang of his ipod nano, once we understood what we were doing it was greeaat. Think I might have to get myself one, would that make me half way cool too?!

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