This Will Make You Smile

on Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is truly an amazing story. Unless you've been under a rock, by now you've heard of her...Susan Boyle...on Britian's Got Talent. It doesn't matter if you're 70, or 17, into jazz or into rock, sick or well....this will make you smile, laugh and touches everyone, even Simon Cowell.
There was a moment...maybe even two, when he had true, genuine, kindness, surprise, wonder and even joy on his face.

Here is a woman, unemployed but looking for work, 47, never been married, never been kissed, lives with her cat - Peebles and is such a delight. In the space of 7 minutes you will be changed forever. Whatever got you down today, will be a thing of the past, whatever your greatest joy today, will be in second place. I'll say it touches everyone. Just click.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

It is a wonderful video and a testament that we should never judge a book by its cover. This humble lady took care of her ailing mother for 20 years of her life. We all have a dream, and she wowed the audience by taking a step out and doing what she loves. I wish her well........

Carrie P. said...

I love this woman. She is so inspiring. It is such a privilege to hear her sing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a quilter too. I really love it and like you I exerience health scary situations. I never had a heart attach but I just started whithering away and it became hard to breath. I had a lung infection and now I have to wear oxygen so it's hard to me to jump in the car and get fabric or things I need from the store like I used to. No more surprise quilts for my family members because they have to accompany me to the store if I have the energy to go. Life's been hard since my illness. Count your blessings that you can do all the things you do and can make a full recovery.

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