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on Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm working on a my Eye Spy quilt and will have a post later this week....In the meantime, please enjoy some of these lovelies I've run across this week:

Most are from the Quilters Gallery Newsletter:

Check out this cute little Mini- Quilt Swap - You can go as small as 12 x 12 or as large as 24 x 24.

Quilter's Acronyms
* BOB = Beginner’s Only Block (swap)
* BOM = Block of the Month
* DSM = Domestic Sewing Machine
* DWR = Double Wedding Ring
* FART = Fabric Aquisition Road Trip
* FIU = Finish It Up
* FQ = Fat Quarter
* HST = Half-Square Triangle
* HSY = Haven’t Started Yet
* LAQ= Long Arm Quilter
* LQS = Local Quilt Shop
* MAQ = Mid-Arm Quilter
* OBW = One-Block More »
I'll add my favorite...WIP - Work in Progress

The Quilter's Alphabet
Accuracy...mood dependent.
Bleed...bless the fabric that doesn't.
Credit card...purrs in a quilt shop. which points look good.
Even...well, does it look even?
Fudge...adjustment terminology.
Golden...the moment it's finished!
Hug...wrap up in a quilt.
Iron...the great fabric disciplinarian!
Justify...can't cook! Quilting an heirloom.
Knot...size need not stop a truck.
Love...quilting is a labor of.
Marker...please, let it wash out.
Needle...feet always find it.
Ouch...related to one end of a pin.
Pucker...that rascally little puffy thing.
Quilt...a thing of beauty, a joy forever! ye sew, so shall ye.
Seam...straight is good. quilt, grab more.
Underside...where all the work shows.
Victim...of quilt guilt (too many?).
What...a quilt (all pupose comment)!
Xamine...I'll say how close!
Y...only quilt on days ending in "y".
Zero...other things you'd rather do!

Have a "piece" ful day!

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