Six Honest Things About Myself

on Friday, April 3, 2009

I've been tagged by Linda @ Two Succulent Sisters to write 6 honest things about myself...oooo time for a little self examination here. Ok here goes:

1- Fine things....I really enjoy fine things in life...fine furniture, homes, art, well written novels, a classic movie, Victorian anything, even fine grammar, Beethoven, The Beatles, classical ballet, a great tennis match, Vivaldi's Four get the picture...This is my yukky side, selfish and greedy but gosh, that STUFF is fabulous.

That house above is our old home on Davis Islands in Tampa, FL....gosh, I loved that "thing".
This photo is before we renovated it....but it was pretty even before we touched it.

More than any of that I really appreciate fine manners....Here's the honest part...I can't always say I have fine manners but...I aspire to it!

One of my most favorite "fine things" is Big Butter you know him? My Hero travels a lot and actually pulled off the side of the road and took a picture of him....he's more ways than one! BBJ is even better than the Obama Chia Pet.

2-Secretly...I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford....I'll bet there are times in her life when she wished she wasn't such a knock out...some how, she's suffering through it. (OK not really..I don't wish I looked like her but...hey)

3-I love the beach. problems tend to give you a different perspective on things and ever since then, I've been so enamored with the beach and a great sunset....I could live on the feeling it gives you for ages!

4-I love old people....why...because I think they "get" it. There is so much wisdom rolling around in their brains and I they spend a lot of their time biting their tongue to keep from telling us how stupid we're being. Every 5 years, I do a poll of anyone 10 or more years older than I am and ask this question,

"What do you wish you knew when you were my age that you know now?"
This one thing has given me so much insight. Love those old folks!

5-On some level, I wish I were a better quilter, gave more attention to detail, tried to strive to do things more perfectly. I'm more about just getting it done and hoping it becomes a blessing to someone! I guess I'm sort of an Ethel Merman quilter.

6-And...honestly....I'm shocked everyday that I get to live the life that has been given to me...a husband and three children...and to be able to stay at home and raise them...truthfully,....I don't take it for granted. Very thankful.

Now for the tagging...please, you are not under any obligation to do this...only if it is something that would be enjoyable to you....hey, it gave me something to blog about today and.....I'd like to know a little bit more about you....Carrie, Teri, Kris, Rachel, Yvette, Mary and Robin. pressure, I truly mean that.

Have a sunny day!

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Nanci said...

I love the way we quilter in blog land are so open and honest in our feeling to each other here.
I sit in the morning in front of the computer with a coffee in hand and smile at all the writings. It's wonderful.
And since I am older...I know you love posted it

Purple and Paisley said...

your family is so beautiful...☺

thank you for thinking of me...and did i tell you how much i love your new blog design???? good job, lindsey!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lindsey, I love your house on Davis Islands. It is so beautiful. Wish you were here :-)


Yvette said...

What a beautiful home and even more beautiful family.

Hmmmmm, I am going to really have to give this some serious thought before I post mine. Thank you! {hug}

Mary said...

Interesting ....I'll just say ditto 3,5, and 6!

Linda said...

I hope my granddaughter picks you for the giveaway. My sister has sold tons of these bags with sparkly crowns through the years. Good luck. Linda

Carrie P. said...

The family picture at the beach is beautiful. It looks like the beaches of Panama City,Fl. The house is lovely.
I have always like older people but now I can really associate with them since I am older now.

Robin said...

You have such a beautiful family-- and that is a great picture! Thanks so much for sharing- it is fun getting to know you a little more. :)

Khris said...

Your words are very inspiring and you should be very proud of how you come across. I for one need a lot more of your "fineness"...hugs Khris in Oz

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