Three By Three

on Saturday, June 20, 2009

Anina sent the first installment of the three by three swap...I can't wait to get my next 16! I love every single one of these...and love the way they work together....everyone did such a great job and the craftsmanship on them is excellent.

Honestly, I love every one and can't wait to explore sashings...right now I'm thinking some kind of Essex linen....neutralish, not white and definitely not black, although it was my first choice.

Do you see yours in here?

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Nanci said...

Yeah, black would look great , maybe navy? I am so prone to white that I would be hard pressed to look at other colours, but I saw a butter yellow sashed 9 patch at the next door cottage yesterday and it's beautiful. Maybe yellow...

Robin said...

What a fabulous array of 9-patches! You got a bunch of good ones, for sure! (Though, none of them are mine. Alas!) A linen sashing would be gorgeous! I'm thinking of doing mine in grey. I'm hoping it will help the colors to really pop.

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