Feeling Like Gilligan

on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yep....we were at the beach last week....so...why am I feeling like Gilligan?   Shipwrecked, you say???  Not exactly, but close.  Do you see one high rise or condo??  I know you may see a few homes in this photo but I swear, there is no one home.  Perfect for Brad & Angelina.

Remember last year at this same time??? Click here if you need a refresher.
That is my Life Flight story.  You would think I would have learned my lesson...about going to places with very small hospitals....but nooooooo.....we went to the beach where there was NO hospital.  Brilliant, right?  Luckily nothing happened and no one was eaten by a bear, although we were warned.  Bears at the beach...I'm not making it up.  

This is the adorable house we rented ....right on the beach and I mean... smack, dab on the beach.  Closest gas station...7 miles, closest grocery store... 20 miles, closest small town shopping (fast food, too)... 50 minutes, closest hospital...one hour.  

Now you know why I feel like Gilligan!  

We loved it...this is a little sand town  that Baby Girl and I made in the sand.  Complete with post office, shoe store, zoo and a general store with piece goods.

Plenty of shark fishing...

Plenty of sandcastle building....(made of 255 sand balls)

Plenty of catfish catching...

And plenty of squid baiting....

These were some of the first shark we caught...you're not so happy to see them after the first 20 catches! 

Oh and by the way...the rental company doesn't take credit cards..."if we're not here, just slide a personal check or cash under the door".

Needless to say...we rested.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a wonderful vacation. Know your family really enjoyed it.

Nanci said...

The size of the shark reminded me of deep sea fishing in the Virgin Islands...I kept catching the same little fish who kept pulling me out of my seat...it was about 15" and must have loved my blond hair as it kept trying to get to me all the time....lol.
you know the saying when they show you the fish?

Mary said...

Yes, it's different from my vacation but we both had the beach right?? I liked sitting by the pool or on the beach and have someone bring me food and drinks but as I said, I'm spoiled!

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