Good Rules for All

on Saturday, June 20, 2009

("Correction....I can't find this on that website anymore....
If you find it...let me know....Thanks. L.")
I finally found the prim "Good Rules for All". I know the photo is small but go to the link and you can order the pattern there. Great for a mountain house or vacation cottage. The first place I saw it was in the mountain house that we rent every summer.

Here's the rules just for kicks:

1- Be nice to one another.

2- Think good thoughts.

3- Try to do better.

4- Say please and thank you.

5- Smile.

6- Be happy.

7- Listen to others.

8- Be helpful.

9- Speak kindness.

10- Never give up.


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Nanci said...

Hi Lindsey. I should copy this and give it to the cottage neighbours who are being so mean to everyone...I don't do embroidery, but it's worth the copy.
Oh, I'm so happy to be reading your posts again.
Life is good.

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