Backstage at the Ballet

on Monday, June 1, 2009

Ballet...just plain cool....we had our end of the year performances this week. This is the scene 10 minutes before the curtain goes's the neatest feeling...The dancers are warming up and actually holding a real class....the ballet mistress is whispering the moves for them to's hard work and the girls are definitely warmed up; they were all sweating as I pinned on the last bits of their costumes.

This is my Nutcracker performing a dance from Les Syphildes. Click to see the Kirov Ballet doing the same dance...pretty remarkable. Those Russians have the ballet thing down pat.

We struggled with the hair for a long time thinking it had that "deli" look to it....I kept thinking that someone would walk up to her and ask her for 1/2 pound of shaved ham and 3 slices of provalone.

In the end, she did look so pretty. I picked the flowers from our garden....Hydrangeas, gardenias, and roses, all put in an antique silver nosegay that we use every's a tradition.

And of course, here's Baby Girl in all her fanfare. She was beautiful as well and did a lovely dance to Winnie the Pooh. Have I ever mentioned that she's a toe walker which makes for very strong legs and a great arch....

It's been a great week and we're sad to see the year end...we have two weeks off and then my Nutcracker starts 4 weeks of 6 hours a day called ....ballet intensive....she can't wait! Wish me luck with the driving!

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lindsey, your girls are lovely. My children always participated in Orchestra, and they had concerts twice a year at the Performing Arts Center. Wonderful memories.

QuiltedSimple said...

How lovely and they both look so very pretty. Glad it was a terrific evening

Nanci said...

Oh Lindsey, I've missed reading your blog. I had to go back to the black quilt, that's how long it's been. You are so fortunate to have this joy in your life! The ballet looks like it was chaos and the best fun for the dancers.
I'm sure it's a night to remember for a long time.
I remember my little girl, who is now almost 47, hoping across the floor, practicing her ballet....sounded like an elephant and she was so happy....she did switch to field hockey a bit later...
Life is so short. Tomorrow your baby will be....yep all grown up.
Am so glad you blog, I've enjoyed this so much.

Carrie P. said...

The girls are lovely. You must be so proud.

Robin said...

Your girls look beautiful! It sounds like the break will be good considering what is coming up! 6 hours a day? Wow! That is intense. I hope she loves every minute of it! :)

Linda said...

While we were having our special event, so were you!! This stuff is fun. My kids were in ballet for a while and my granddaughter (6) wants to take it again this year-she took it 2 years ago. Your little one strikes a classic pose! Linda

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Your little ones are so pretty. Its nice to see young girls who love the arts :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and marking me as a favorite. Please visit often as there is always something going on :)

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