on Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can't remember if I've showed this quilt to you...this is only the top but I did finish and give it to my sister for Christmas last year. Her good friend secretly quilted it and sent it back to me.

It's Kaffe Fasset's "S" quilt
Please click on the link to get a more accurate look at how it came out. I never would have bought the kit with the colors I've represented in the photo above...lighting in photography is everything!

Anyway, my sister came and took care of my family for a week when I was under the weather last summer. This was just a little thank you...and I do think she loves it!

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Susan Petersen said...

oh WOW! that looks like a lot of work. the top is so beautiful. what is that a king size? you are a nice sister. btw, thanks for commenting on my giveaway. i really like your blog. i am sleepless in salt lake city most nights, so i feel your pain sister. thanks for sharing a piece of your life here!

Robin said...

Oooo... very pretty! I love all of the vibrant colors and prints. Just fabulous!

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