My Babes

on Saturday, June 20, 2009

My precious Noel.... old faithful Noel...former guide dog, now with cataracts and a major case of diabetes. It's ironic how he use to guide folks across the, I'm the one who has to tell him, "STEP"....that means he needs to take a step up or down.

We could learn a lot from our pets....his lesson would be all about unconditional love.

Or honor and respect.

Cici, love her to death but she insists on smelling as bad as she possibly can at all times. Even 5 seconds after a bath. What gives? I'm not sure what her life lesson would be...something involving a lot of anxiety I'm sure.

And then she tries to cover it all up by being cute and white and fluffy. It's not working with me today....

Here's my baby girl....sweet at the day is long....can you tell how hot it is in Atlanta today...98 degrees - that's even too hot to go to the pool. ahhhhh.

In case you need a reminder ....
go hug your babes today.

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Nanci said...

Our neighbours at the cottage have a retriever Poppy who absolutely stank all last summer. they had her shaved for this summer, so she looks like a golden lab now. Not even looking like the stinky dog we knew and loved!
Have you had your dog's ears checked? Smell them, they are sometimes the cause and the other is their tear ducts...If it isn't her's probably one of those. And of course if she is old, well she is loved anyway... By the way, I am working my way backwards in reading and commenting....

Clevelandgirlie said...

I loved this post. Dogs - I hear you. They are loyal, they are faithful, they are kind, sweet, gentle and loving. Give me the company of my dogs to "most" humans any day. (I'm not a people person - self admittedly!) My corgi, Gizmo - is my very best friend. I look into his eyes and my heart just melts. Your Noel story touched me - how he used to lead, and now you lead him. Relationships change, grow, evolve - and what a special relationship you must have.
And picture of you and your "babe" oh how delicious. Now, if you'll excuse me - at your insistance, I'm going to go hug everyone in my house (inccluding my corgis!)
PS How come I can't find a "follow" button on your blog??? I guess I'll just post the link on my side bar under "feeds my soul."

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