Saying Goodbye

on Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wouldn't you say that every year is the best Christmas? It is for me...I am so thankful to be with my family. I can truly say I'm doing my best to live each day as if it were my last. That's my filter for just about all I say and do. I loved having my in laws over for Christmas much fun...a crowd of 20...good food...great memories. Here's a sampling:

(click on the picture to see the "salts" - I collect them...see the tiny salt spoon?)
Two tables of 10 each.

Can you see the antique crazy quilt?

We played Occupation...ever played? I find it very interesting that out of 20 children came in first, second and third place. What's up with that? Carpenter was the winner, mountain climber was second, and accountant was third. In order of birth, too. Strange. I really thought Sanitation Engineer or Hymnal Publisher would win. The grand prize...a giant gingerbread man with three raisin buttons. Homemade...of course.

Santa brought boomerangs in our stockings this year...this is My Hero...rescuing one...for the third time in 56 minutes. ...2 days later...there's still one up there. Good bye boomerang. he is agian... My Hero helping to get ready...nice, isn't it...a man in the kitchen. Something about that...hmmmm...something, hmmm, I don't really know how that strikes me, but, it's good.

Yes..yes..those are homemade rolls, not biscuits, rolls...Aunt Dot's recipe to be exact. Personally, I don't think they turned out that great. Great texture, short on taste. No one complained. All is well.

Saying good bye to the Nutcracker:

This is the organist at the Nutcracker. Check the red shoes. Not to mention the shirt. He's a hoot. He's been doing this for years...playing the carols for the kids before the performance. Today, for some reason, he started playing before the "house was open". He started out with the wedding march. I thought that was odd... then all of a sudden, the ushers started clapping...a young marine arranged to propose to his girl in the balcony. She said, "Yes" then...a booming voice shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen...we have the house". That means, "Open the doors and let the public in". It was a moment to be sure. Greta Garbo and all that kind of good stuff.

(check out the sets for the Nutcracker...elaborate, magical, outstanding...)
Boo hoo...she said, "Yes" - sooooo sweet!

OK, now for the finale...
We said good bye to Nutcracker today...what a toughie.

This is my Nutcracker girl on the left. Isn't she something, or is it that I'm way over the top proud of her...more than is healthy, in any realm. (I'll get help, I promise).

Today was her last performance... can you imagine the tears backstage? I think the pros were elated to rest their aches and pains after dancing 28 shows. Giddy, to say the least, they played jokes on each other, on stage, throughout the performance. Here's a little Nutcracker trivia for you...Who bought more tickets than any single ticket purchaser this Nutcracker season? (Drum roll and lots of guesses later...) Thanks to lots of friends and family that came to see my girl perform. She loved every minute of it. She gets it... the whole dream come true thing. Thank you all.

Good bye.

I said good bye to my children and husband this summer when I felt life draining out of me, shortly before I went into shock and life flight came to pick me up. I don't wish that for anyone. It was a turning point for me. Those few moments changed me forever. Good byes will do that to you...change you forever. It's so hard to say good bye to the things you always is inevitable...goodbye is hard on any level, losing a favorite baseball cap, a childhood blanket, a college friend, an aged mother, a beloved husband, it's hard no matter how big or small.

My girl said goodbye to her first Nutcracker today. To friends, and Drosselmeir, to pointe shoes and long blond braids, to baby lambs and photo girls, to pre-pros and giant Christmas trees, to falling snow and funny rats, to the starry night sky and long scarves, the backstage door.
Good bye.

We'll miss you dearly. Thank you for the memories. is... forever, in her heart.

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Linda said...

My daughter danced for 18 years - I still miss seeing her light up the stage!

Thanks so much for your kind comment. It means a lot. Consistency is indeed something I strive for - in many areas of my life. And it is a word I have been looking for when other prim decorators ask for me for my tips - thank you for providing me with it!!

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