Life Flight Recipes: How to Rescue a Friend in Need

on Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here is the It's a long story and I promise I will get to it. In the meantime bear with me. I'll get it out before you can get to a new year! I hope...not very good at deadlines, you know.

Here's my clan. It was taken in Montreat, NC, one of our favorite spots on earth. I'm feeling like Cindy Crawford at this point because I don't think I had anything to eat for a week except an IV. However disappointed I was at the "hippage" on the right, I can assure you it was only due to the distortion caused by my sitting on that large rock. Just when you think you've got a decent picture for the Christmas card. Humbling...

Wednesday is the big day for unveiling the "Life Flight Recipes: How to Rescue a Friend In Need" cook book. It is a collection of all the recipes (or rather the ones I could gather) of friends, family, neighbors and even strangers who brought meals to my family this summer during my recovery. Can you imagine that kind of outpouring? It's overwhelming the love you feel when people give of themselves and make YOU a priority in their lives. It's an amazing thing to be on the receiving end. Now, I'm well past the road of recovery and getting stronger everyday. Wednesday is the open house when the girls will open be at my home to open their cookbooks. I have not seen many of them for months. Big hugs will abound, laughs and thanks will be the order of the day, and a great closing to a harrowing year will ensue. I look so forward to seeing my friends and giving them all a big spoonful of gratitude. For the complete story and the recipes....stay tuned. Hint...if you haven't guessed it involves a life flight helicopter ride. I will share it with you, laugh with you, cry with you and get in the pit with you. After's all about the heart.

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