The "S" Quilt

on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yep, It's the Kaffe Fassett "S" quilt. under Country Garden Quilts, is where you'll find this beauty. The book just came out in October. I did this one for my sister who came to take care of me and my family when life fell apart this past summer. The girls at the Red Hen ( had a complete fit. Did I mention that she has 4 children of her own and home schools as well? I like the lighting the photo below better. Much more accurate.
My sis is awesome and would do it for anyone. She's great in a crisis. It's not easy to sleep on those fold out sofa/chairs in the hospital rooms! Did I's not the first time she's done it for me....another story for another day.

This is how the conversation usually goes...she says, "Do you want me to come?" I reply, my tail between my legs knowing how hard it is for her to drop her life for a week, with a pitiful, "can you?". Keep in mind, she's either on an airplane to do this (I lived in Florida at that time) or driving more than one should have to. The least she could have done was to bring, Sugar, her King Charles Cavalier spaniel...but noooooo.......whatever happened to dog therapy?

She looks like she likes the "S" doesn't she? Actually this is her Bon Qui Qui imitation when DeWatt walks in....pretty good isn't it. (sorry, I just can't in good conscience give you that link, you'll have to look it up on youtube) The only tacky thing about her...she's not a quilter...yet. The dagger...she's got the Quilter's Edition Bernina....oh, my heart is heavy. Cry me a river.

This quilt was so much fun to do and you can put it together in one day. Her good friend quilted it for me. What a treat that was since my machine quilting is in dire need of practice. She put a verse on the border from Matthew about when Jesus says, "whatever you did for the least of these you did for me". Appropriate for the circumstances. She's a master quilter and it was a little humbling to send the flimsy to her but I got over it since she offered to do the quilting...all I could think was, in the words of Mrs. Bennet, "Thank the Lord, we are saved!"

"S" was a complete surprise to sis and she was so thrilled. I can see her snuggled up with it right now. "S" is for Sister, and Saving, and that's what she is... and did for me... after all, it's all about the heart.

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