What Moves You?

on Sunday, December 21, 2008

What moves you is a question campaigned by Atlanta Ballet. This is simply...my response.

What moves me? Seeing seasoned dancers loving each Nutcracker like it was their first performance, those first few notes played in the theatre, 5 year olds looking like they've reached heaven, snow falling, worn out ballet shoes, shoulders held straight, young dancers wishing they could have danced more performances or had more parts, being a piece of an old Atlanta tradition, a grandmother bringing her daughters and grand daughters more consecutive years than she could remember, the doormen all dressed up, box office fellow-Anwar's smile when I go to buy my umpteenth ticket, the live orchestra, the much appreciated leadership and heart of Sharon Story and John McFall, the backstage hallways and stairways that go everywhere and no where at the same time, that beautiful building - The Fox, Peachtree Street, a young husband buying a ticket for his wife who hasn't seen "it" since she was little, ...What Moves Me? ...Seeing a young 'Party Child' dance her first Nutcracker...my daughter.

It's all about the heart.

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