Family Dinner Quiz - Andromeda

on Sunday, December 14, 2008

Connecting....the need to be's what we're made for... at my house, we have dinner quizzes. We use this to get the conversation started at the dinner table and move on from whatever yuk may have happened that day. Hurt feelings, disappointing news, busyness, or general humbugs of life. Everyone learns something new everyday whether you realize it or not. We all store a pocket of unusual facts just waiting to jump out and wow someone. After all, who wouldn't like to be on a game show. Mom and Dad turn into Pat and Vanna, but the forum quickly turns into Alex Trebek. Young or old, people all love to play trivia. For example:

"What is the tallest peak in North America?" "'s a's in Alaska"
My middle child waits with intellectual eyes as no one winks at mom and we suffer through the uncomfortable silence.

Now as a wife, I was hoping Daddy would not pose an answer, as he has one of those scary memories that never forgets anything.....especially facts. However, even though men have that tempting need to be the "hero" at times, he maintained amazing self control.
"Mount McKinley" she announces proudly. "Ohh nooo, no way'' answers back big brother.

Another, again from middle child: "What is the largest object in space visible with the naked eye from earth?" I come up with a brilliant..."a star". Silence. Silence. Daddy again, from under his breath..."Andromeda". We all... shocked and amazed the intellectual prowess. A giant among trivia men. Our hero.

For baby girl, a whopping 5 years old, it goes something like this:
I start out with, "Who am I? I rush to the scene, I carry an axe..." an overexcited, very interrupted answer explodes with, "a fireman!" Realization...I need to think of harder community helper questions.

By the end of the game, we've filled our tummies, moved on from the daily yuk, learned something new and strengthened our bond as a family. We loved and we laughed. After's all about the heart.

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