How Many is Too Many

on Monday, December 29, 2008

How many is too many? I have two crazy quilts. This one is silks and velvets with a hot pink silk backing. I can only imagine that the gal that put this together had a little "get up and go" about her. It's pretty bold to use those hot oranges and pinks mixed with plaids and dots.

See the bird, ...they were fussy cutting even 100 years ago!

This is one of my favorite that olive green stuck in there.

Hot pink silk on the backing...very forward! Can you imagine what her husband would have thought of her using such wild fabrics, or even the talk in the town about it. Scandalous!

What was going on as the construction and decorative stitching were taking place. I'm usually watching TV or hiding in my sewing cave. My guess... this was probably done in a fairly affluent home (due to the access and quantity of silks and velvets) with a fire going and a very tired dog at the foot. Did she use bright fabrics to push away the harshness of winter, to seek a reminder of easier days of spring. What ever it took a lot of time, patience, planning, and a little piece of her heart.

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Don't you wish you knew the story behind the quilt and the maker? I have several old rolling pins and I wonder how much dough those things have rolled out and what thoughts went through the minds of those using them. I wish we could know more.

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