Nine Patches and a little Jane

on Tuesday, May 19, 2009

These are for the Three by Three swap!

These are my looks good with anything.

And here's dear sweet Jane....I'm nervous as a cat to try to applique it....I'm too afraid it will look like a very bad home ec class. Wish me luck!

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Purple and Paisley said...

the red is fabulous, but the top pic with the green? ooooh, my favorite! good luck with your applique!

Joanna said...

I'm loving these 9 patches!!!! Gorgeous fabrics:) Guess who I met last night???? Kaffe himself! I know you'll appreciate that since you have his fabrics in your blocks ;) I'm off to blog about it right now:)

Yvette said...

Your nine patches are fantastic! I love the fabrics you have chosen.

OK.....if you don't get that DVD I sent you by Saturday let me know. I can email you a step by step guide that will make it sooooo much easier.

Rachel said...

i think i like the green one better too. but you're right, red does go with everything...i love my red couch. you're braver than me with that Jane block. good luck

Linda said...

Makes me wish I was in on that swap! :)

Fifty years ago my mom ordered a load of loam and used an iron rake to spread it over the lot. My Dad helped a little. :) I remember helping a little, I was a kid. I remember raking out the stones and having a little pile of stones because my mom said we needed to get out all the rocks and stones for the grass to grow. And it grew!

Nice visiting you again. Linda

Carrie P. said...

Love the fabrics in your nine patch blocks. Good luck on your applique. You can do it!!!

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