Paper Pots

on Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're starting to plant our seeds indoors. Yesterday we made 50 or so of these little paper pots. Only 50 more to go. Really quite fun if you don't mind the inky hands. Apparently the ink is soy based so it's totally organic and safe to eat. Well, don't eat the paper for gracious sakes, I just mean it will decompose after it's planted in the ground. That's the nice thing about this method. No transplanting. Just stick it in and go. The roots will go right through the bottom and the paper will give a little extra protection from grubs...if you entertain that sort of thing in your garden!

Did I mention is this is a great loooonnnnggggg term activity for the little ones?

Here's the tutorial for these cute little pots. You'll perfect your own method depending on the size of glass you use. I've found that tighter is not always better and when you do the bottoms just be as messy as possible. If you're neat about it, you'll end up with a huge drain hole.
So get out there and get messy, watch what will happen with a little sunshine and water. Guaranteed to put a little love on your table (and in your tummy). Enjoy!

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MyJourneyBack said...

Oh thanks for sharing this and the tutorial. Wonderful idea. Still looking for your quilts. I am praying for the boy and the eye surgeries.

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