on Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today, we're going to the memorial service for Baby Samuel. The family has been a wonderful testimony and yesterday's post, Life and Love, was no exception...worth a read. It is a constant reminder to me that everyday with my family is precious. Every exchange is to be cherished, not wasted. It's a moment to look at each other like it was your last time.

This is a comment posted on my blog some time ago and I've saved it. I read it every now and then and I will share it with you.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "This Will Make You Smile":

I'm a quilter too. I really love it and like you I exerience health scary situations. I never had a heart attack but I just started whithering away and it became hard to breath. I had a lung infection and now I have to wear oxygen so it's hard to me to jump in the car and get fabric or things I need from the store like I used to. No more surprise quilts for my family members because they have to accompany me to the store if I have the energy to go. Life's been hard since my illness. Count your blessings that you can, do all the things you do and can make a full recovery.

The last few lines ring so true for is a blessing, treat like it's your last.


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Nanci said...

Oh Lindsey...such sadness when one thinks of a life ahead and full of hope. Cannot imagine the heartache of the family. Prayers...

Carrie P. said...

Life is precious and sometimes we take it for granted the blessings that God has given us. Thank you Lord.

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