Early Christmas

on Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've been knitting lately!  These are mini-stockings from little cotton rabbits.  It's a free pattern.

Knitting is easy for me to transport and a great way to pass the time while waiting for ballet class to get out.  

We've had three of our five sick with the flu so I haven't been a very good blog girl lately.  Baby Girl hit 103 degrees with her fever 2 nights ago and that's when I start to squirm a bit.  She's fine now and just dealing with a lower fever and cough.  

Hope you enjoy my mini stockings!  I have more to show you soon.

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I LOVE THOSE little stockings--you are mean thought by showing them to me--now I really want to pick up my knitting needles--but I am a month behind in all my bom's cause of taking Aug off to do just Christmas---
Thanks for showing us and you have done a great job--they are sooooo cute--keep knitting---Hugs, just, Di

Carrie P. said...

How cute are those little stockings. Are you going to make more to decorate your tree?
So sorry to hear you all have the flu. UGH! Ya'll get well soon.

Yvette said...

Those are so cute! If I could knit, I would be making them for everyone I know.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh my - do hope all three are back to their happy healthy selves very, very soon. Poor little girl - a 103. That's hard, isn't it - when a little one is so sick:(

I love love love love love those little sockies.
Something that has been on my TEN THINGS I MUST ACCOMPLISH list is to learn to knit socks. I so want to knit my husband a delicious pair of socks. Can you teach me? Can you point me in the direction of a book (easy peasy) so I can learn. I do know how to knit and purl a scarf and I've done many - but THAT's it. Any ideas?
How did you learn to knit socks?
Hope all is well with YOU and your little family.

Nanci said...

Oh gosh, those would look cute on a tree wouldn't they?
Swine season is here they tell us on TV, we must be alert. Glad you little ones are better.

Debi said...

Put the shut to the UP!!! They are TOOOOO CUTE.
I want one for myself.....and I will purchase myself a nordstroms gift card to go in it!You are sooooo talented.

Debi said...

OH....by the way....you know my birthday is coming soon and since I AM YOUR BFF in the whole wide world ....the quilt you made your sister...should have been mine. I love the colors in your nine patch quilt.....you know what I want.....A retro Quilt!! I love all the old retro colors...like orange and green and mustard color....let's find me a pattern for that one! Don't make me take off my earrings!
I will come to Atlanta and hunt you down!

Carrie P. said...

Hey Lindsey,
Just checking and making sure you guys are all right. Been hearing alot about the flooding down your way.

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