The Marriage Saver

on Friday, August 7, 2009

What is a Marriage Saver?  

Well, when you're in the mountains, folks up there have a different sort of humor than us stuffy city slickers.  At the Saturday fair,  there was the son of an elderly couple selling these.  He said if he sold these it would save his parent's marriage.  Why?  Because his mother buys yarn all the time and doesn't use it up....sounds like a stash to  me.  hee hee.  Guess what my sister said as she laughed her head off.....(he was being funny btw)

"I'll take the whole box!"
He was so thrilled to pack up his box, save his parent's marriage, and take the rest of the day off.  He probably saw her Tory Burch sandles coming from far away...(who wears those to the Saturday Fair?)

These really do make a great scrubber....perfect tough scrubber and luscious latherer at the same time.  Am I making any sense?

Does anyone have a pattern for these novelty items?  I've never seen anything like it before.  It's a dollar store scrubber with knitting/crochet around the edges.  Hysterical!  Especially when you bring it to your next house warming party labeled as "The Marriage Saver".

Let me know if you have a pattern or clue as to how to make one...I couldn't find anything in my extensive research ....of course, nothing was posted under "marriage saver"


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Nanci said...

I love the marriage many do you have? Send one to the cottage...or....put little hooks in the middle, put them up in the playhouse.
The playhouse, see how I am moving here? Does it have playclothes, fabrics for tents, beds, etc. does it have wood for the girls to make furniture. use their imaginations?
Baring could make a super little studio for someone who quilts.
Also could make a sweet bunkie for sleeping overnight...
I gotta get off this island Lindsey, my mind such as it is is going....

Messy Karen said...

i'm trying to imagine how big that box was. these are cute and there might not be a pattern. if you can get your yarn through by whipstitching around it. then you can pick up those loops to start to knit or crochet. i was always fascinated by those sweatshirts with the knitted yokes. but never tried it.

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