I'm Back from Montreat

on Monday, August 3, 2009

We had such a good time! So much to do and see. It's nice to get out of the city air and enjoy sleeping with the windows open, especially when it rains.

Here's a small list of a few of our fun times:
1- Long walks with the dogs - 3 times a day!
2- Going to "Clubs" every morning and afternoon
3- Skipping rocks on Lake Susan
4-Getting an ice cream at the "Huck"
5- Sunday morning family hikes with Daddy
6- Making pottery at the pottery barn hoping for a masterpiece
7- Blackberry cobbler with friends and s'mores
8- All night "lock in" with the Senior Highs (no sleep...literally)
9- Trout fishing every night at 7:00 - with corn
10-First annual fish fry at Monkey's Bottom - no adults allowed
11- Tennis, tennis, tennis
12-Pottery talk...finding out how hard Davidson really is
13-Making the world's ugliest man...photos to follow
14-Mosquitos bites...enough said
15-Mold, mold and more mold....everything is stays wet in the mountains
16-Bear hunting...in the car, of course
17-"My Father's" pizza - great little restaurant
18- Meeting Baby Logan for the first time (he's 3 but was given a terminal diagnosis at 3 months - doctor declared it a miracle!)
19-Sparklers and barn dances
20-Rock hopping at the Tot Lot

Life, as I know it will resume as usual shortly. School starts in 2 weeks. I will start on my signature blocks nonetheless and dream of a new project. I don't want to get too heavy in to something as I'm saving myself (swoon) for the Spirit Cloth workshop....should be fun.

Have a great day and enjoy the last few days of summer...it was a great one!

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Anina said...

Sounds heavenly!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Now THAT's my idea of a vacation. Sounds absolutely priceless. You guys know how to have fun.

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