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on Friday, August 7, 2009

The World's Ugliest Man....I made him in pottery class in Montreat with the hopes of him being some great garden fabulousness.  But nooooo.....he turned on me.  The only place he should go in the garden in UNDER the garden!  

After I got his face done, I said to myself,  "He's so ugly, what can I do to cover him up" I put leaves all over one side of his head.  The next thing I saw was the rest of the 8 girls at the table putting leaves on their faces too.....then, the teacher followed suit.  I knew I had no where to turn.   The only saving grace is that he is fired in raku which gives him a nice shiny sheen.

He may be ugly but...he's growing on me every day.  

Oh well!

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Debi said...

Ok...this man scared me!

Robin said...

LOL! I think he looks pretty cool... he's got a certain ent-like quality that seems perfect for the garden. :)

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