"I Think She's Got It" - C-9 - Jane's Tears

on Saturday, August 8, 2009

I did it!  I'm so proud of this one!  It's Dear Jane block C-3 called Jane's Tears.  I thought she'd be crying when she saw this one for sure but I think Jane would like this one.  I believe a speech is in order.

"I'd like to thank The Academy, and of course,   Yvette with  BOM Quilter and Carrie P. with  A Passion for Applique, who without their help, I'd be be stuck at Hancock's on a Tuesday night in a beginner sewing class. "

 All kidding aside, Yvette loaned the Pearl P. Pereira DVD to me which was INVALUABLE.  I watched it 6 times and now have it down pat.  Even took notes once.  Carrie, in all her wisdom, held my hand through a few tough Dear Jane blocks and could figure out exactly where I went wrong.  
My next goal is to get all the tools (on her site as well) that make applique a little easier.  Can you say "Stocking Stuffers"?

Thanks, Girls...you're the best applique friends a girl ever had.  

And now, I proudly begin a new label...called...."Applique" - ::::can't you hear the trumpets?::::

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ranette said...

Beautiful block!!! Good job! Both Carrie and Yvette are wonderful at applique.

Anina said...

Wow! Thanks for the links. Your block looks wonderful! I have to admit I still struggle with applique a bit.

Eileen said...

Oh I have always wanted to make a Dear Jane. Your block is very nice.. can't wait to see more of them! You are in Carrie's class? I am so jealous!

Robin said...

Woo hoo!!!! It is gorgeous! And it is extra wonderful to see the block and hear about your new found confidence. That is awesome! I haven't heard of Pearl P. Pereira before. I'm definitely going to be doing some exploring on her site. Thanks so much for sharing the links. :)

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