Expand My Brain Please Lord!

on Friday, July 17, 2009

These are the Rainbow Jane blocks I'll be working on for the next two weeks....That's a nice way of saying... "I need to EXPAND MY BRAIN!"  There are trials that we all need help with in life but this is one of those challenges in life where you just need an expert to sit with you for about the first 10 blocks....then, I think I'd have the techniques nailed down.  

For most of you this is easy and fun and a real pleasure...I do enjoy it but it's tough to work so hard at the piecing and then have it look like the neighbors cat did it.   moving on.....

(Just sneaking in a pic of my summer girls, ages 6 and 12)

Update on my Wavy Wipers....These have saved me this summer...here's the story...I've been spending 4-7 hours (I'm not kidding)  in the car everyday going back and forth to ballet, tennis and my boy's job (stringing tennis racquets).  
I've been knitting these goodies while waiting for them or even (I confess) at traffic lights.  I gave these three to Danny's mother-in-law who got tied up by the bad guy with the gun a few days ago.  I think she really liked them!  For that story, click here.  I talked to Jake, the father-in-law (probably in his 80's) who fired three shots at the guy and he said,

"I didn't know if Danny would do what the guy told him to so I had to go do something...we just can't do without Danny, he's been so good to us."  Jake broke out of his hand bindings and hopped upstairs to the kitchen to cut free his leg binding and then went after the guy.  Danny calls him, John Wayne.  

Because their house is so full of "Manly Men"...I had to take them these jalapeno, bacon-wrapped, cream cheese things that are to die for from Pioneer Woman... Recipe here.  All I know is that when I take these to ANY function....my plate comes home clean without fail.  I even make them for myself sometimes.

Here's the last of my Three by Three swap for Anina at Twiddletails.  Kind of Christmasy...after all it is July.

That's all for today...we're packing for our big trip to Montreat, NC...my college roommate is coming to stay with me for a bit so we have that to look forward to!  I'll keep you posted on all of our doings. 

 I think I'm even going to play tennis this summer for the firstish time in 15 years....did you know that I played college tennis (see the Salem College t-shirt above)?   Don't get too excited about that...my high school team was better than my college team!  My whole family plays tennis and I mean everybody...it's just that truly, I'm not a competitive person...My Hero loves to play tennis and I thought I'd give it a go for his sake.  When I look back 18 years ago, I think it was one of the reasons he married me!  

My best shot.... top spin lob to the baseline.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Well - Happy Friday to You New Friend!
Love your consternation in working on the Dear Janes. I have been lugging my DJ in and out of the closet to work on for over a year. I'm doing the little one !@#$*!@#$!@#$& what a beast! But I am learning alot. I'm doing mine with white background using Kaffe Fassett blue italian glass print. Quite cool.
Anywhoo - gorgeous girlies - so sweet and fresh. And the boy - stringing tennis racquets ? Good for him to have a job. Kids need to work I say! My girl (14) is a tennis nut - I too am in the car off the tennis, to tournaments, to art class, to my own professional licensing classes, thank Goodness I don't have to drive her to work just yet. That's next year - 15 years old!
Enjoy your weekend - take a deep breath and a hot bubble bath.

Robin said...

Oh, my! You do have a lot going on. Don't fret about the Jane blocks... there's no time limit! Just take it a block at a time, and try and enjoy the process (easier said than done on some blocks, I know, but a good mantra overall, I think!). :) Your daughters are gorgeous. And thank you for the link to that recipe. I soooo need to make some of those!!! And yay, 9-patches!!! (Gotta love 'em!)

I hope you have a restful and happy weekend!

Nanci said...

A great post as usual...I played tennis one time long ago. 90 degrees in the shade and chasing that little ball...it was hard work...I don't golf either. Volleyball was my game...spike and kill.
I am going to try those wrappers soon. They do look yummy.
Your girls are very much "southern belles" I think.
Your blog is a happy place to be!

ranette said...

I agree with what Robin said on the DJ...just take it one block at a time. Do you have the DJ software? That made my life much easier while making mine. Also researching on the internet for applique techniques helped too.

Your girls are beautiful...such sweet smiles!

Carrie P. said...

Take your time on the DJ blocks. You can do it.
Lovely summer girls.
I always had hand work with me when I was taking my kids all over town. A person can really get a lot done.
Have fun in NC.

Judy Alexander said...

Love your fabric choices. I have no idea what dj blocks are since I don't do traditional quilting but I and sure they will be great. I am in Marietta.

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