What is your Legacy?

on Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welll.....since there's not a lot of production going on at my house right now...I thought I'd share this lovely with you. (By the way, Dear Jane is about to take me to the cleaners...who was that woman that just wanted to make her life difficult by making such hard blocks. Ok...my rant is over.)

A baby quilt that 's 80 some odd years old. My dear aunt gave this to me. It's truly one of the most special things ever given to me...it connects me with those I had so much in common with but didn't know too well. My grandmother and great-grandmother.

This is a baby quilt used by my grandmother. She had 7 children and either her mother or she made this for the 6th and 7th children. I'm guessing she had more time at that point to do something she loved...quilting. I guess it would be a Trip Around the World. I love the vintage fabrics no doubt made from old dresses.

I love things that last longer than we do, things that can remind us of where we came from, that can give us a picture of what past generations were doing with their heart. I'm grateful for so much of her legacy. She and my mother left me the legacy of creativity but more importantly, they left me the legacy of putting God first.

What are you passing on to future generations? What is your legacy?

It is...all about the heart.

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Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Your quilt is a treasure! So special to have something made from your grandmother.

Sandi said...

I am passing on the love of quilting and stitching.......making them, repairing them, sharing them.....You've visited my blog before so you know I am all about leaving "a legacy of stitches". Have you read the poem that is at the bottom of my blog?
You are one special lady. My daughter had heart problems mid-pregnance 9 years ago but nothing as serious as what you went through!

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