"I Spy" - Black Quilts Part 1

on Thursday, January 8, 2009

My baby girl wants an "I Spy" quilt...and has been for some time. I struggle with that because sometimes they can get a little fruity...not very creative...most of them just look "hung" together.....until I met this beauty: (notice the double border at the bottom)

It is incredible to say the least...I think it's all vintage fabrics. I love the light and dark (a little red) and the quilting pattern. This woman has made a few of these and they go for a mere $4000.00 each. It won a 2nd prize at the Asheville Quilt Show in Asheville, NC.

This is the kind of "I Spy" I want to make... It's a true heirloom...check out the quilting:

Simple circles...but look how perfect the hand quilting is...I venture to say that there are probably the same number of stitches in each circle. I hope this woman doesn't get her feelings hurt by me calling it an "I Spy". I just think it's a good idea for one. What do you think?

Yep, this is on my list of projects for this year. I really want to do it for my baby girl...
you see...when you've faced death twice like I have, I'd like to give them something that will last longer than I will.

Maybe a quilt isn't the way to do that but I know I put my heart into each one and it's one of the ways I remember my mother and grandmother. Maybe she'll have a fond memory of me someday...sleeping under something that I poured myself into...after all...it's all about giving her..... a piece of my heart.

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Purple and Paisley said...

wow - what a gorgeous quilt (and daughter...☺)...i am waiting for the story of your life flight?

Carrie P. said...

A quilt is definitely a piece of your heart. She will treasure it forever.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

I think a quilt is a perfect way to give of yourself, each stitch will be treasured. I love the quilt you have shown, down to the last stitch.

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