Dear Jane Disaster - Confessions

on Monday, January 26, 2009

First Block A-1

Here is my Dear Jane disaster. This is actually my second pass at this block...and I've heard this is one of the easier ones. I think once I get my sea legs under me, it'll be smooth sailing but until I get my oars in the water, I'll just have to wade through. (Ughhh, enough of the sailing analogy.)

Here's A-1 reworked a little bit so the points lined up better. I did the freezer paper foundation piecing method where you don't stitch through the paper, on Anina's blog at Tweedletails. It's probably not the right method to use for these tiny little urchins.

Yvette at BOM Quilter has offered to help. She seems like a real pro. Please check out her first month of the Rainbow Jane BOM offered at Tweedletails. They are gorgeous. I hope to offer you some beautiful blocks next week. This is my very first one so thanks again, Yvette for the encouragement and expertise.

I will persevere and get it done!

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Carrie P. said...

Just keep on trying, that's all you can do. You'll get the hang of it.

Yvette said...

To me this is not one of the easier blocks.

OK, I think I told you I do it by not stitching through the paper. I use freezer paper but I DO stitch through the paper. I always cut my pieced a bit larger too and when I put them together I use PLENTY of pins.

I can take a step by step picture the next time I paper piece if you would like.

Messy Karen said...

haven't started yet. & also expect to have a rough start. hang in there. you're not alone.

Robin said...

I didn't think this one was easy at all! There are just so many points to line up. I think you're pretty hard core to make it as your first block. Good for you! Give it a little time (and a lot of patience!), and it will come together just right.

Another tip that might help-- when you're sewing your chunks together, line up the points and then start by taking a few stitches at those matching areas first (rather than sewing the entire seam). That way you can check your work and, if needed, it's much easier to take apart.

Linda said...

Hey, it looks all right to me. When you add it with all the others... Take care, Linda

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