My First Quilt - A Closet Quilter is Born

on Monday, July 6, 2009

I'll start with my most recent stuff first.  Love that Sue Spargo...don't you...great for beginner's handwork.  My girls did great with this one.

Dear Jane...most of the time she's not so dear but I'm working through our friendship.

This one I did for Baby Girl (my 6 year old daughter), this past Christmas...turned out way better than the picture....all flannels and super comfy.

Another flannel, for my Nutcracker (12 year old daughter), that I worked on last summer while I was recovering from my James Bond moment... check out Life Flight Story on the sidebar.

It's hand quilted.  What bozo hand quilts a flannel quilt?....someone who was in bed all day and about to lose their mind!  

To be perfectly honest...what I really want to start doing is art quilts like you'd see over at Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth.  Her fourth of July piece was fabulous.  My mind just cannot figure out where to start.

And now.....My first quilt:

Definitely a first quilt.  It's not finished yet but maybe someday...I think I realized that buying the cheapest batting at the store was not the thing to's awful.  I think I'll just go with it and whatever will be, will be.  Date on this quilt....maybe 1986.  Check out Simplify and La Vie En Rose. for all the details on a Parade of First Quilts.

This is when I became, what I call now, my closet quilting days.  I was, in fact, a closet quilter.  Someone who doesn't share their passion with anyone for fear they'll lose all their friendships.  After all, I was dating some pretty cool dudes during those years.  My friends would have accepted it OK but I think even my family would have thought I was spending a lot of money on a "phase".

It wasn't really until about 5 years ago, (that's a long time in the closet) that I came out of the closet and wasn't careful about whom I shared the info that I am in fact....a quilter.  Now, I'm more secure and can swallow that hard pill if Joe Brown looks at me with "OK that's creepy, what do I talk about now" look on his face.  

I'll just offer him some sweet tea and move on.  

And so...I offer you this post, proudly labeled....."Quilts".

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jude said...

hey....good to see your interest in quilting. i am planning a free workshop on my blog soon, maybe you will join in!

Carrie P. said...

Beautiful quilts!
I love Sue Spargo designs. Have not made one yet. Maybe one day.

Carrie P. said...

For some reason I could not leave a comment on the Dear Jane block. So I will do here.
Here is a tip that might help with getting those shapes on straight.
Take the background fabric and fold in half and finger press or iron a center line. Then do it the other way. So you will have lines intersecting in the middle. If you can't see the lines mark them with a chalk pencil or a water erasable pen. Then when you pin your pieces on, line up the points with those lines and maybe that will help you to get them centered. I would also stitch the ones across from each other.( on the horizontal line) and then do the ones on the vertical line.
Hope that helps.

Carrie said...

Hi Lindsey ~ I love them all! And thank you for coming out of the closet and joining the rest of us. Yes, some folks think we're weird but it's always amazing how many don't. Though, I admit it... when I tell someone that I'm a quilted, I do get tired of hearing them say... "Really? My grandmother quilted..."

And I think you already know how to start with art quilts ~ you just start. As with more traditional quilting, you just jump in and figure it out as you go along. You'll make some hilarious mistakes, but here's the really awesome part ~ it's art! You meant to do that. :)

And yes, Sue Spargo is amazing.

Anonymous said...

one day at work, someone said to a coworker of mine oh you're a quilter like Wendy.....she said oh no I'm not and I said ya she's not as obsessed as I am she said no you're not obsessed you're passionate. I agree, I do love everything about quilting esp wrapping my loved ones in the warmth and love of my work.
I'm so glad you've come out of the closet :) enjoy where ever your passion takes you.

Unknown said...

Well, when I started quilting, I didn't know that one could leave a top and not finish I finished my first quilt but then it wasn't done by hand either.
Ah you do good work does look better than my first attempt though...must be because I used the next price up in batting...

Kim Brackett said...

Wow! Love all your quilts. Glad you're out of the closet! :)

heather said...

I've had some weird looks too about being a quilter. I figure that is one of the tamer reasons why I could be considered weird...

Carrie P. said...

Hi Lindsey,
I noticed that you have Quiltsalot on your blog list. If you haven't gone there lately you might want to check her blog out today. She has some great tips on appliqueing today and one pictures shows a pictures of leaves touching that are sort of like your Dear Jane block. Maybe this will help too.

Robin said...

Good work on the Dear Jane block! It's lovely, and I can definitely see that you are making lots of progress on your applique!

The flannel quilts are just lovely. I especially love the one with the flying geese. So pretty!

And yay for coming out of the closet!!! I wonder if maybe that was my problem in grad school? :P Well... I may not have gotten many dates, but I did meet my husband-- and that's what really counts! :)

Joanna said...

Sue Spargo is the best! She would be in my top 3 of favorite quilters!

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