Signature Swappers

on Monday, August 17, 2009

I just wanted to say Hi to all the quilters participating in the Cornbread and Beans Quilting Signature Swap. I'm so excited to meet you and share this swap with you. Making the rounds to all of you is my goal. So here's a big howdy and how do you do...welcome to my blog, life, happenings and general journey. :)

P.S. I am working on another Heart Lesson...should be interesting!

1. Aunt Pitty Pat from

2. Lisa from

3. Teri from

4. Sherry (email)

5. Jane from

6. Barbara (email)

7. Donna from

8. Sue from

9. Molly from

10. Dawn from

11. Carrie from

12. Michelle (email)

13. Melody from

14. Kaaren from

15. Melinda H. (email)

16. Brenda from

17. Cecelia M. (email)

18. Terry C. (email)

19. Mel from

20. Steph (email)

21. Michelle from

22. Julie (email)

23. Linda (Flatlander) (email)

24. Karen from

25. Lanette from

26. Lindsey from

27. Laura P. (email)

28. Laurie N. (email)

29. Danielle from

30. Anett from

31. Rebecca from

32. Charlene from

33. Melissa from

34.Jandi from

35.Robin from

36.Lissa (email)

37.Carole from

38.Lori (email)

39. Katie from

40. Rachel from

41. Margaret (email)

42. Carol from

43. Lyda (email)

44. Bonie (email)

45. Kristine (email)

46. Pam K. (email)

47. Jennifer from

48. Julie from

49. Meghann (email)

50.Lurline from

51. Melinda (email)

52. Babs (email)

53. Julia from

54. Michelle from

55. Lynda from (email)

56. Mary from

57. Karen from

58.Melody from

59.Rita (email)

60. Judith (email)

61.Joanne from

62. Elaine (email)

63. Diane from

64. Erin from

65. Jill (email)

66. Julie (email)

67. Mary from

68. Kim from


P.S. I am working on another Heart Lesson...should be interesting!

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Carrie P. said...

I was actually visiting some of the swappers blogs just now. So glad I will be getting a block from you.


Hi--I have also been trying to get around to all the siggy block swappers to get to know them--then the last 2 weeks have been sooo busy that I have not been working on the list--I do have the blogger list on a second site I have, Di's workbasket time card--so I can try to keep up and I did get some emailed and have returned emails with them--but have more to met--enjoyed your site and as I said --I'll be back--take care--hugs, just, Di

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